Technical Problem For David Paul (Just a drop)

Published on 25/08/2021

At around 2330hrs last night the speeds of English rookie skipper David Paul’s on "Just a drop" slowed sharply from an average of 7.5 knots to 3.5 knots. His course was angled strongly westward.

At 0015hrs this morning Paul contacted the Race Direction at Race HQ and on the race guard boat to report a problem he identified as an unidentifiable object hanging in the keel.

Within five minutes one of the race’s three guard boats the Express which was located 28 miles from Paul’s Just a drop, was diverted to reach the Figaro3 as quickly as possible. The skipper was in no immediate danger and uninjured, though the weather and sea conditions were difficult.

At 0245hrs the Express was on site and using their searchlights could see a large piece of fishing net inside which the boat had become entangled.

In the hours of darkness the weather conditions at the zone make any immediate intervention difficult, there are winds of 20 to 25 knots with a short sea of 2m to 3m.

And so it was decided to wait until dawn to better assess the possibilities for action.

Next information this morning


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