Rounding order at South Pullar

Published on 05/09/2021

The leaders rounded South Pullar in a light breeze having made good progress across the English Channel.

1. Pierre Quiroga (Skipper Macif 2019) at 10:22 PM

2. Xavier Macaire (Groupe SNEF) at 10:26 PM

3. Tom Laperche (Bretagne - CMB Performance) at 10:28 PM

4. Alan Roberts (Seacat Services) at 10:29 PM

5. Gaston Morvan (Bretagne - CMB Espoir) at 10:31 PM

6. Eric Péron (French Touch) at 10:32 PM

7. Corentin Horeau (Mutuelle Bleue pour l’Institut Curie) at 10:32 PM

8. Charlotte Yven (Team Vendée Formation) at 10:33 PM

9. Tanguy Le Turquais (Quéguiner - Innoveo) at 10:34 PM

10. Alexis Loison (Région Normandie) at 10:34 PM

The next 12 boats rounded in a very tight group in light winds only 5-6kts.


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