Richomme Reflects

Published on 10/09/2021

Eight participations and two wins, one in 2016 in the Figaro Benetau 2 and one in the first year of the Figaro Benetau 3, 2019, Yoann Richomme is fully deserving of his place among the legends of the Solitaire du Figaro. Looking set to line up for the next Vendée Globe 2024 Richomme gave us his perspective on the 52nd edition of the Solitaire du Figaro and in particular on the third stage which has just finished.

To say I’m addicted to the Solitaire tracker would be an understatement! I think I watch it about every quarter of an hour. I enjoy following the race almost as much as doing it. This edition is really exciting with a great match, a great course and a great leader. And credit to Race Director Francis le Goff he has really restored the race to its roots by favoring long stages, not very restricted, open and hard.” He opens, adding,

This 52nd edition looks quite stiff even if the racers have not necessarily encountered very hard conditions. The level is still as high in fact I would even say almost more homogeneous than ever. The young guys now are never far away too, and girls are doing superb.

Overall after seeing Pierre (Quiroga - Skipper Macif 2019) racing the first stage, shine on the second and then we saw him boss of the fleet on the third stage. Except for something big happening. I do not see what could prevent him from imposing himself. He has all the attitude of a future winner: he showed a lot of speed, a lot of control and that particular “flow” which is the mark of winners. Overall it is pretty indefinable mix, there is obviously a lot of work, experience, mentality, a feeling of being at one with the boat, measured risk taking, perfect timing, a kind of assumed serenity, taking good options and particularly as we have just seen , even in the event of a setback a capacity to push harder and to bounce back, always, into the lead pack.


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