Quote from Jesse Fielding

Published on 06/09/2021

This morning, Jesse Fielding (Opportunity - State street marathon sailing) spoke to the media team onboard Express, one of the guard boats.

Jesse Fielding (Opportunity - State street marathon sailing) : “The night was ok for me. My number one goal is to stay closer to the group on this leg. I rounded the mark with the large group of boats which was very intense in the middle of the night for a rookie like me, that is a memory for the race, it was intense. The wind went away in the very small hours of the morning and that was very challenging, but myself and six or seven boats around me we did some gybes and we are now carrying on with a good breeze and a good angle. For today my number one goal is to stay with the group and also to stay in the best wind. We have a big race course in front of us and we can go back towards France or we can stay on the English coast and so there is a massive decision for the fleet and that decision will make the winner at the Land’s End mark and so it will be important to watch the breeze. We just had the meteo in English so I thank the race committee for that and today will be a big decision in the middle of the day. I got two naps in of 20 mins and i had a hot dinner and now I am having some warm breakfast. Someone left some honey on my boat so I am very thankful for that.”


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