Pep Costa this morning

Published on 07/09/2022

Conditions being tough and the skippers are super focused and fatigued and so there is not much chat coming back from them this morning but here is Pep Costa (Team Play To B-TERRAVIA): "I'm on the helm a lot, sometimes I manage to put the pilot on but not for very long. I have the small spinnaker, genoa,full mainsail, that's the limit. I had two big squalls which I did not see because it was late at night. It's not so much the wind, but it's the sea that is huge, disgusting. It goes in all directions, with waves that must be 5 meters. It's a bit like sailing in a sea for 40kts when we have 30. Last night, I had up to 43 knots. I thought that I was going to break everything up. I

t calmed down a bit, but it was super hard. The boat was in full overdrive. I thought about broaching ten thousand times, and in the end I didn’t. It’s not every day you are sailing in this stuff and sometimes we train in this kind of conditions but usually that is for two or three hours max, and not solo all night. Frankly, it’s hard work. We are almost at the limit of whats is reasonable . But for sure I am happy to have the Express (following media boat, editor’s note) next to me tonight. I don’t know where the others are. And the fatigue is really felt. Last night I slept for only two ten minutes snatches. Yesterday when we were close to Galicia it was tough. Now, frankly, I want to get it done, i’d like it to be over. I hope to be in before it is dark. We have the one gybe in four or five hours and then I’ll be heading straight to Saint Nazaire. And in any case it is now daylight and I will pretty much cross Biscay in a day which I have never done before.”


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