News from Alan Roberts and Xavier Macaire

Published on 05/09/2021

Contacted by the media boat during the reach towards the English coast here is what Alan Roberts, who is lying third and leader Xavier Macaire had to say.

Alan Roberts (Seacat Services): “The start was in light airs, I went well to the left to have a little more wind, and it worked. It was good for me. And here I am on my way home. There is a group which has put the bow down a bit and are a bit to leeward, we will see what happens. The choice of course is important at the moment, because those who get to South Pullar early should have more wind after it. Pullar will be an important moment, a key passage in the early part of the race. I have eaten, I will take a wee rest before the mark because there will be choices to be made and I want to be on top form for that, And you’ll have to be on the helm and be very careful about what’s going to happen.”

Xavier Macaire (Groupe SNEF): “It’s going well as we head to towards England, it’s not bad after a fairly satisfying start for me. There is a little hazy mist, I see a few boats to leeward, like Pierre Quiroga, Eric Peron and Tom Laperche. I’m completely satisfied with my position on the water,ahead and to windward of the pack which has slid west, I’m a bit more on a direct route and that suits me well. There is a current from the east to the west, it will switch with the top of the tide. The wind may ease when we get to South Pullar, but I don’t see any big difficulties. It will be harder on the downwind course where the game will be open and where we will have to be vigilant, we will have to work the boat and go fast. South Pullar might be around 11 p.m. Right now I’m sailing the boat, watching the speed. Before dark I’ll make myself a hot little meal, I’m not sure I have time to sleep, but if there is a possibility to take a nap why not?!”


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