Monday Afternoon Off Devon

Published on 06/09/2021

Racing north of the Casquets TSS at Alderney and south of the Devon coast, the leaders are making modest progress waiting for the wind to build from the south as forecast, but there is still a long way to go to Land’s End and the right turn, this is Corentin Horeau, Alexis Loison, Pierre Leboucher and Tom Laperche early this Monday afternoon

Corentin Horeau (Mutuelle Bleue pour l’institut Curie) : “I wanted to go south and get under the TSS but I was kind of the only one doing it, so in the end we all played conservative and did the same thing. I am placed to the south of the northern group. We’re a small group, it’s quite easy to keep boats nearby. At the start it was a definite to go south of the TSS. There was more wind to the left of the course and possibly a change in the current to take at La Hague, but we were a little late, so here we are in the north with our mates. But it was still tempting. On this course will have wind, except for this afternoon when it is still light. The more we get down the track the more wind we should get to. I think we’ll be off Land’s End Tuesday morning. Here we are in the ebb tide so that’s cool, because the starboard gybe was not good but now it’s better. I did about ten gybes this morning, I’m trimming the sails and watching for wee. there were a lot of weed last night. “

Alexis Loison (Region Normandie) : “There aren’t a lot of gaps right now, you cross and make and then lose it back on the next gybe. We are alongside the TSS at Casquets everything is going very well on board. I am more in the south, I hope to find a little more wind than those in the north. There are two choices on this route in the north of the TSS: go along the coast and take advantage of the current or try to find more pressure a little further offshore, that’s what I have chosen. I hesitated for a long time looking at the the other side towards the Cotentin, but the wind didn’t let us get a decent angle. But I still kept asking myself the same question for a long time. Last night, we all arrived at the same time at South Pullar under a gennaker with a lot of current. I had a great start to the night, I never stopped. But it is all completely open. Normally we should stay with the big spinnaker to Land’s End, with a stronger wind, especially along the headlands. At the moment, there are shifts to manage but we have the current with us. I think we’ll be in Land’s End on Tuesday morning. I am good, I ate well, I can rest, I just have stress, my gennaker is torn. I tried to fix it as best I could. It was shortly after the start, I don’t understand what happened. I hope I don’t need it. “

Pierre Leboucher (Guyot Environnement - Ruban Rose): ” I didn’t have a good start and caught a pot but had a nice night crossing, I’m happy with my sailing at the moment. I wanted to go south of the DST but I didn’t want to go alone. Corentin (Horeau) and Eric (Peron) seemed to want to go there too, but in the end they chose the English coasts. I rested a bit even though the night was complicated. Right now the front pack is to my north and behind I don’t really know if they’ve gone south of DST. I think the timing was too late so they aren’t worrying me. We are going to work the gybing angles and go fast. The wind should strengthen, it would be good to take a nap or two. “

Tom Laperche (Bretagne - CMB Performance): “It’s going well, the conditions are super pleasant, the sea is flat. Since the start of La Solitaire, we haven’t had a quiet period like this. It is starting to get hot, it reminds me of the West Indies last May! I am almost the southernmost along the TSS des Casquets. For now, it’s not bad. I made the choice a long while back because we know that along the English coasts at the moment, there are thermal effects, and heat effects which weaken the wind, so the more we are in the middle of the English Channel, the better it is. is. There are still 120 miles to Land’s End, it’s a long route. Normally the wind should pick up, we will be able to make the course under spinnaker. The conditions are quite stable in terms of settings and I am satisfied. I did watch the AIS quite a bit this morning and now I did my round on my own and it’s not bad. I’m in good shape, got a little sleep last night. So, it’s all right ! “


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