Keeping All Options Open In the Face of a Light Winds Forecast

Published on 19/09/2020

THE FINAL OF THE SOLITAIRE DU FIGARO: THE DIFFERENT SCENARIOS The weather for the fourth and final stage of La Solitaire du Figaro looks to be very uncertain and so race management have developed several scenarios. The start of the fourth stage of La Solitaire du Figaro must be given this Saturday at 1915hrs local time in front of Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, south of Saint-Nazaire. If the wind which is forecast to be only very light and there also being very strong tidal current, the tide rising until 1849hrs (coeff 113). If there is insufficient wind on the race area, the race committee chaired by Jean Coadou, can postpone this start up until 2012hrs which is the prescribed time of sunset today. After that time by law, it is not allowed to start the race. In this case, the stage will be cancelled. The course of the fourth stage consists of an 83-mile round trip between Saint-Nazaire and the Ile d'Yeu, to be left to starboard, passing by the SN1 buoy, at the entrance to the Saint-Nazaire channel.

If the first boat has not crossed the Pointe des Corbeaux, south of the Isle de Yeu, by 1000hrs on Sunday, the stage will be cancelled.

The race director also has the option of shortening the course, moving the finish of the stage to four different places: at a cylindrical buoy called FLG located halfway between Pointe des Corbeaux and SN1, at this buoy SN1 and two buoys located in the Saint-Nazaire channel. They can also ask the fleet to go directly to the finish line after Ile d’Yeu (which would eliminate FLG and SN1) or also after the FLG buoy (which would eliminate the passage via SN1).


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