I wanted to finish no matter what…..Sanni Beucke

Published on 09/09/2022

Susanne ‘Sanni’ Beucke (GER, This Race Is Female) arrived in Saint Nazaire yesterday evening after a courageous final leg which saw her lose the use of two sails including her genoa, but the German rookies was determined to finish even though she was outside the time limit for the leg, on the dock she said. “I think it was extremely challenging. I had never seen so much wind before. I was very afraid and it was the first time that me being very afraid was influencing my thoughts and I had to fight against this to look after my boat. But it was my aim to finish this race and not look at the results so when my genoa broke I thought I could go back to the harbour because it did not make any sense to continue and then I thought to continue and go to the finish no matter what so I decided to go for it even though I was not going to make the time limit I have no words for it, I am still in the Bay of Biscay I also continued because Yann Chateau our race director is a very reliable and safe person and he said I could continue.”


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