Downhill run towards Brittany

Published on 15/09/2021

Downwind, the 34 Figaro Bénéteau 3s continue to move well under spinnaker on a huge swell making an average of 6-7 knots. In the skippers heads and at the nav station strategies are put in place looking for key moves on this vast horizon as it opens up towards the French coast. Next waypoint is somewhere off the tip of Brittany but the question is how far off, most of all avoiding the thermal effect of the land.....or not?

Pierre Quiroga (Skipper Macif 2019) :

“I’m cold, it feels long but we’re getting there! The winds could be worse…but we have a huge swell, that’s more of the problem. There has always been breeze which is reassuring. I don’t see Xavier (Macaire), however I found Tom (Laperche). The conditions are easier than they were forecast to be. I sleep, I sleep, and the body just doesn’t recover with it. I wake in a fug and work slowly through it. When I wake up, I am not operational. It’s hard. The nights at sea start to be very long, they feel interminable, the sun takes a long time to rise, and that does not help the brain to wake up. I am not looking ahead to an ETA. As long as we can move forward like this towards the Iroise Sea, so much the better. But I fear the passage along the Brittany coast in the middle of the day with the thermal effects. Regarding the Brittany point, from the start, I have gone for an option quite offshore: my waypoint is 15 miles below the raz de Sein. I will also adjust it according to my two pals, it would be good if they stayed with me!”


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