David Paul Completes His Race With A Smile

Published on 17/09/2021

David Paul (just a drop) missed the tidal gate at the raz du sein at Ushant and got stuck off the Brittany coast to finish 31st at 13:22:57hrs this afternoon. His elapsed time is 4d 22hrs 57m, 16hrs 9 mins, 35 seconds behind Stage 4 winner Pierre Leboucher, despite being a bit behind the leaders, Paul was still smiling on the dock in Saint Nazaire “This was the best leg for me in terms of the way I was sailing even if the result is the worst. I was making confident and clear decisions and sailing well enough but made one bad decision and missed the tide at the raz de sein, a big mistake. But it was a rookie mistake and I am a rookie and at some point in 2,500 miles of sailing you are going to make one big mistake. It is a lot to learn and a lot to process. I am happy with my race. I would love to come back again. I would love to be starting again now with all the learning I have accumulated over the last month.


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