Corentin Douguet’s Analysis: “The Rankings Can Get Very Messed Up”

Published on 14/09/2020

If Corentin Douguet has had to stay ashore because of his damaged back the skipper of NF Habitat has made himself available to give us his thoughts on Stage 3 and what is developing on the water, he worked closely with Sam Goodchild (Leyton) on the weather and so he is especially pleased to see the young British skipper leading the 33 boat field.

“The first part of the route, to Cotentin, ended up going quite well for the whole fleet. There was no stop as we suspected there might be and the whole fleet was able to cross the ridge at Dieppe without incident. Sam really has followed the game plan we developed beforehand to the letter. He is sailing very quickly, always making the right decisions, without ever taking any risks and so far the conditions have been to his advantage. Certain options taken by skippers after passing Dieppe surprised me, but it is not in my philosophy to choose extreme routings when conditions are uncertain. We can still see guys like Eric Péron (French Touch) and Adrien Hardy (Ocean Attitude), who like to “bang the corners”. The crucial phases went well for Sam, who is having a very good season. But the remainder of the leg seems more complicated. It seems to me that the hardest part is yet to come. A small secondary depression will cross the fleet and its centre will not bring much wind. It is likely to turn in all directions, and be very light. The end of today promises to be difficult for the solo sailors, who are slightly ahead of their forecast of 36 hours ago in Dunkirk. They will have to improvise with what little weather information they have. However, in these very light winds off the point of Brittany, with a centre of the high pressure according to the files, on Crozon, combined with the strong currents, progress will be random and the rankings can get very messed up. We will see more clearly once past Penmarc’h. I trust Sam and Xavier Macaire to do their best. They are showing great consistency and are in good shape, and they especially seem to be in sync with the elements. “


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