Clean Start to Stage 3 From Fécamp

Published on 05/09/2021

The third stage of the 52nd La Solitaire du Figaro started on time at midday with a clean start made by the 34 solo skippers who have a 624 nautical miles stage from Fécamp to Roscoff via a northernmost turning mark at Saint Gowan off the SW corner of Wales.

The race started in four to eight knots of easterly breeze. Because of the light winds in close to the coast the fleet had only one buoy to pass before setting a course for South Pullar buoy. The 65 miles reach to the English coast started under Code Zero headsails with over two knots of ebb tide running. Arthur Hubert, the French rookie on passed this first buoy in first place with race leader Pierre Quiroga (Skipper Macif 2019) in second. Britain’s Alan Roberts (Seacat Services) was well placed in fourth, making his best start of the race so far.


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