Bouttell and Roberts On the Dock

Published on 03/09/2020

Jack Bouttell (Gillot Fromagerie), 25th on stage 1, It was tricky one with some frustrating highs and lows. The first night was terrible and then it was pretty hard to stay motivated for the rest of the race because you have such a big distance between you and first and all that goes through your head is ‘oh I am going to finish four hours behind the leader and you go round hardly really racing it is not that enjoyable but that is part of the game to stay positive. This leg was big test on the mental side of things, solo just being able to stay positive to stay motivated when you don’t really see an end in sight, but in the end it all sosed up and I think I am 50 minutes from first place which is not really a lot when you consider the next two legs I think they will be very difficult with the arrival and departure from Dunkirk. There is still plenty to play for.

I think this boat is a lot more physical and there is a lot more to play for in terms of strategy, With the Code Zero, small and big kites you can do a lot more in terms of your trajectory and speed differences compared to the Figaro 2 where it was often a jib that you were not powered up enough on or a spinnaker you could not hold high enough. And the boat really accelerates a lot you can be ten knots reaching and then you bear away just a few degrees and you are at 15kts which makes a big difference in terms of trajectories and really opens the game a lot to do things differently

Alan Roberts (Seacat Services) 28th on stage 1: “I got stuck in a hole (in the wind) with two other boats, Adrien (Hardy) and Martin (Le Pape) and it was either ‘game over’ from there or it might re-set at the end which it did but for me it was a bit of a long course with not much to do. I did not think it would be s bad as it proved to be. I expected everyone to be within about five miles or so but when I heard the first radio vacs and heard I was 20 miles that was pretty painful.”


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