Big Surf, Light Winds Make An Awkward Combination

Published on 15/09/2021

In the big, unruly swell which is disproportionate to the modest wind strengths, when the Figaro Bénéteau 3 surge and surf on the swell it is hard to keep the big spinnakers full. The swell is high and the wavelength long. It is enjoyable but hard work. All of the skippers are looking towards their strategy for the Brittany coast where the wind is looking likely to be light.

Elodie Bonafous (Bretagne CMB Océane):

“I’ve been pulling my hair out a bit for the past 2 hours. The wind has been random, and it think I fell into a very different wind from the others, I try not to let myself get upset, I am struggling to stay fast. I am constantly trimming because the wind is light and the waves are big and they make us accelerate so that changes the apparent wind. I was a bit off the mark at the start of the stage, but I pushed hard to get back into it and I came back well. I don’t know where everyone is, but I keep in mind that there is a lot of miles left and the game is still very open. We are so tired anyway. Last night I tried to stay awake because I was falling asleep randomly As soon as the wind settles. I go to sleep. I am well on the settings this morning! “

Corentin Horeau (Mutuel Bleue pour l’Institut Curie):

“It is going well I have Achille (Nebout) next to it, it’s nice not to be alone. On the rankings it’s not so good for me at the moment, I try not to think about it, this stage is long. I will try not to let myself slip. From the start I didn’t sail very well as we were passing Land’s End to go to the Fastnet. I had an idea in my head and I changed my mind, I thought it was too risky! There are worse things in the world right now and I try to take advantage of these beautiful, pleasant conditions. Having this swell is OK as long as it’s windy. And I guess too when I see these waves I am thinking of surfers at home who are going to have great sessions! For the rest of the stage, I would like it to mix up a bit more. Even if we arrive on Saturday and things go to pieces, then bring it on if it is good for me in the long run. I hope things will happen so that I can enjoy it. We made a little shift which can be interesting at the end. Last night there were 12-13 knots, I slept well, the boat was well settled down so that’s the positive! “


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