Berrehar Blooming At Daffodil, Updated

Published on 13/09/2020

Approaching the Daffodil mark off Dieppe at around 0730hrs local time this morning young French skipper Loïs Berrehar (Bretagne CMB Performance) leads Stage 3 of La Solitaire du Figaro. Ahead of a very compact peloton which contains race leader Armel Le Cléac’h (Banque Populaire) and Britain’s Phil Sharp (OceansLab), Berrehar had extended a tiny lead to one of over one mile as the lead group raced upwind close to the French coast.

Alexis Courcoux
Alexis Courcoux

In the light 7-10kt SW’ly breeze 27 year old Berrehar – who was second on Stage 1, the long round Fastnet leg – had taken the best course, offshore of the high land inshore which although offering a beneficial bend in the breeze clearly meant less wind in the lee of the land, several sailors being caught out over the last hours.

Sharp had pressed Berrehar all the way through the first night of what is expected to be a very testing four day leg to Saint Nazaire but had dropped to sixth. So too Sam Goodchild (Leyton) who lies third on the General Classification appeared to lose from an extra tack inshore and dropped a couple of miles on the leaders, now 22nd at five miles behind leader Berrehar.

“Goodchild reported this morning, “I Got through the difficult 6 hour beat in good shape last night and into the English Channel in the top ten. Then I tacked too early this morning (worries about light winds on the coast which didn’t happen)! and that’s cost me quite a few miles. Gennaker up and heading down the Normandy coast now, expecting a 180degree wind shift and to get the spinnaker up around midday. Got some rest last night so I’m good form. Still looking for my spoon though, which makes meal times more entertaining.


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