06/06/2019 à 20h18
Narrow Stage 1 Win for Richomme
06/06/2019 à 19h00
VIDEO: Passing the Fasnet
06/06/2019 à 18h02
A Three Way Battle to Stage 1 Deliverance At the Old Head of Kinsale
06/06/2019 à 14h25
Richomme Leads Tight Trio at Fastnet, Top Ten Positions
06/06/2019 à 13h01
The Programme in Kinsale for Visitors
06/06/2019 à 12h43
A Finish Tonight
06/06/2019 à 07h55
Slow Times to the Fastnet
05/06/2019 à 18h40
An Ultra Marathon Not A Sprint?
05/06/2019 à 09h15
FLASH INFO:  Cassandra Blandin aboard Klaxoon Heading To Brest After Collision With Cargo Ship 
05/06/2019 à 07h20
Rollercoaster Channel
04/06/2019 à 22h11
Island Top Trumps
04/06/2019 à 17h14
Normal service resumed off North Brittany
04/06/2019 à 07h58
Henri Lemencier: The Amateur leading the way
03/06/2019 à 17h22
La Solitaire leaders Hardy and Desjoyeaux under threat after testing first 24 hours
03/06/2019 à 07h09
The Cream Rises
02/06/2019 à 19h08
Lagraviere leads early skirmish as fleet leaves France for Kinsale
02/06/2019 à 12h17
How to follow the race
02/06/2019 à 12h00
More Questions Than Answers?
01/06/2019 à 21h13
Leg 1 explained – A look at the weather
01/06/2019 à 21h09
A Complete First Course Set to Give a Taste of the 50th Anniversary Edition
01/06/2019 à 19h31
A New Trophy for the Top International Finisher Overall
01/06/2019 à 13h25
Hard Life In A Small Space
01/06/2019 à 12h08
Kinsale Set To Welcome La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro
01/06/2019 à 11h12
How to Follow the Start on Sunday
01/06/2019 à 10h00
Accurate, Strict Production Controls Deliver A Close One Design Boat
31/05/2019 à 18h29
Back to the Future for the 50th La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro 

31/05/2019 à 12h19
An Affair of the Heart
30/05/2019 à 20h28
Irish Solo Racers Buoyed Up and Ready to Race ‘Home’ to Kinsale
29/05/2019 à 15h54
Alan Roberts: “This is not a living; it is about pursuing the dream”
29/05/2019 à 14h30
Michel Desjoyeaux: I Am Wound Up Like A Clock
27/05/2019 à 11h36
The arrival of the fleet
26/05/2019 à 10h28
Francis Le Goff: Impossible to select a podium
22/05/2019 à 15h36
Ireland and the Figaro – a brief history
22/05/2019 à 15h31
Positive Harris ready for The Solitaire URGO Le Figaro
20/05/2019 à 13h18
A strong entry from outside of France for 50th anniversary Solitaire URGO Le Figaro
15/05/2019 à 12h31
Armel Le Cleac’h & Martin Le Pape – 1st & 2nd in the Solo Concarneau